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Fundraising (n.) is the process of soliciting and gathering contributions as money or other resources, by "requesting donations from individuals, businesses, charitable foundations, or governmental agencies.

Fundraising is always driven by a goal and driven by trust. Before starting fundraising you should be having the following things in place

  1. A cause 
  2. A beneficiary or a group of beneficiary 
  3. A connecting story 
  4. A series of updates
  5. Outcome
  6. Tax benefits 

A Cause:- 

The cause is very important to start fundraising. The cause can specific or broad in nature. In the case of a specific cause, it is important to explain why this cause a special place in your heart and mind. It is also good to share if you have already done something for this cause. This gives a real trust in your cause.

Example of specific cause:-

  • If you want to raise money for your brother medical bill
  • If you want to build a 3rd library in your village 
  • If you want to build a second animal shelter house 

In the case of broad causes, trust is always established through outcomes. Also, it is important to share the impact that the cause has brought. 

Examples of broad causes:-

  • alleviate poor
  • remove hunger
  • increase water quality 

Besides these, if you are planning to start a one-off campaign, then it is crucial to explain how you share your gratitude. In general generous people don't look for it, however, it gives credibility to the cause. 

A beneficiary or a group of beneficiary

A cause is always going to benefit someone. That someone can be an individual or a group of individuals or even an NGO/SHG. It is very very important to share the beneficiary details to the campaign. This gives utmost transparency on who is getting benefited from this cause. In case you raising for your keen or favorite NGO, then it is very important to share more and more information about the end beneficiary. 

A connecting story 

The story connects with people and many times a compelling story leads to a contribution. Story can be told in multiple ways, it can be either through words or through a mix of words and pictures or it can be a small video depicting the end beneficiary. 

A series of updates

Updates always establish the belief in the minds of donors. It gives clarity and satisfaction on how their donation or contribution is helping the end beneficiary. The more updates, the better is the connection with your donor.


The outcome is one of the updates from the cause. In most cases, the donor expects a positive outcome, however, in some of the cases the outcome can swing any direction. Hence it is better to connect through series of updates.

Tax benefits

Causes associated with tax benefit attracts salaries people, corporates. The tax benefit is an added motivation to donate to a cause. Hence it is better to mention tax benefits in the cause. 

If you are wondering how to start a fundraising campaign for your cause, can help you set up your campaign in no time. It gives you all the tools to make your cause reaches to masses. All we need is you to start. 

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